February 27, 2012

Stranger Calls

At this point New Brunswick based retro-mood rockers Honeydrum may be as well known for their prolific output as their music, last year releasing a huge string of cassettes primarily on eccentric European imprint AMDISCS. In fact, today the label released a best-of compilation tape called When The Young Are Gone, available alongside its predecessors here, just as they've begun preparing to release a 7". Unveiled yesterday, the title track "Stranger Calls" is a short, punchy number, brighter than some of their past efforts and sure to lead off the 7" well, which I'm told will eventually have four tracks and (presumably) vinyl. No word on a release date yet, but I'm sure if you like the AMDISCS facebook page you'll hear about it, and get a whole slew of more or less pleasantly surreal wall posts on your news feed to boot.

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