February 27, 2012

Trendy Rock Hits

Back in the GOTC days (they were oh so long ago) we turned you QTs on to a duo called The Fruhstucks. They're since disbanded, but member Sutja Gutiérrez is still bringing us stellar hazy, off kilter pop tracks. His newest release, an EP titled Trendy Rock Hits, is all in the name. He may be poking a little fun at the idea of trendy, and his songs don't adhere strictly to a pop aesthetic, but there's still an obvious ode to the songs that manage to burn themselves into your brain. To put it in a more accessible perspective, this is Nuggets style garage rock for weirdos, and I'm gonna be playing this one a helluva lot.

Sutja Gutiérrez - Blue And Green
Sutja Gutiérrez - Wild Child
Head over to Bandcamp to stream/download Trendy Rock Hits in full.

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