February 6, 2012

Video Premiere: Haleek Maul - Fraulein

Since November of last year I've been enamored by 15-year old rapper Haleek Maul. Residing in Barbados by way of New York, Maul has a flow and understanding of hip hop that seems far beyond his years. A lot of the subject matter in his tracks feels akin to Tyler, The Creator's more serious songs, and yet somehow less juvenile despite being younger. Maul's tone conveys his discontent without being harsh, allowing us to roam inside his head for a moment while he's still trying to sort it out. Haleek recently teamed up with video genius Jamie Harley to visualize his newest track, "Fraulein". For the clip Harley edited together pieces of the 1933 experimental silent film Lot in Sodom. The original film tells the well known story of Sodom and Gomorrah; however, Harley has used pieces of the film to more properly construct a visual of the angst and dark thoughts of suicide that Haleek Maul pours forth on the track.

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