February 21, 2012

Video Premiere: Human Resources - Discrete Forests

[video by EyeBodega]
Human Resources is a band that Dwight, Liz and I have been fans of for quite a while. I still remember getting the Fast Times tape in the mail and being immediately intrigued by the ominous design on the j-card; with a love for the songs soon to follow. Last year their Saving Lady/Pauline 7" was on Dwight's favorite singles list. Their sample work is at times so catchy that one listen can keep a track in your head for days. My favorite Human Resources tracks, however, lie more along the lines of "Discrete Forests", a new track from their upcoming full-length cassette, Oxyc Woody II, on Fire Talk. It's a spindling drone that builds and swells throughout, sucking the listener in, fixated. The brilliant video wizarding duo EyeBodega put together this beautiful clip for the track, using washes of color to amplify the song's psychedelic effects.

Oxyc Woody II drops in digital and cassette formats on April 3 via the rad dudes at Fire Talk Records, but you can go ahead and pre-order now if you've got the cash and you just know it'll burn a hole in your pocket.

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