February 24, 2012

Voodoo Trust

The Feeling is the killer full length follow up to Naomi Punk's self-titled debut in 2009, due out this April on Couple Skate. The band has retained their grungy shoegaze aesthetic while cleaning it up a little bit. It's easy to bask in the warm tones of the record, take the newest single "Voodoo Trust" for example. It starts out with a rolling drum beat and crashing guitar tones that for me call to mind being 12 years old skateboarding (poorly) in the warm summer rays. The vocals are angsty and foreboding at the same time; so fuzzed out that at time they are at times unintelligible, there is still a meaningful tone that says it all.

Stream: Naomi Punk - Voodoo Trust

The Feeling drops April 24 via Couple Skate Records.

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