February 22, 2012


Charleston trio Heyrocco create heady yet straight-forward pop jams, ideally for dancing to. The first three tracks finished from their debut LP, Comfort, range from eclectic space weirdness to fuzzed out anthems. The track "Young" seems to capture the spirit of a middle school dance, though it'd more likely be on a television show soundtrack for such an event, and for some reason always actually left out at the dances. Like many a starving artist, these guys really want to put out the record, recorded properly, so they're turning to kickstarter to fund the release. They have quite a chunk of change to raise in the next three days, so if you dig what you hear below, pop on over here to donate as you see fit.

MP3: Heyrocco - Young
Head over to bandcamp to check out more from Comfort.

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