March 27, 2012

Album Stream: Xander Harris - Chrysalid

For a while now the homies at No Fear Of Pop have pretty much been my go to source for news on Justin Sweatt, bka Xander Harris. We recently filled you in on the synth wizard's split 7" with Dylan Ettinger on one of our favorite labels, Moon Glyph. Now we have the newest full-length effort from Harris, a cassette titled Chrysalid released today on Pour Le Corps. On his soundcloud Harris has labeled the tracks "Vangelistic," and the similarities to Vangelis' music are certainly there; yet the tape stands out as more than just an homage to a style of music we can't seem to untie from the future. With Vangelis' Blade Runner soundtrack depicting a world that takes place in a world only seven years from now; Harris manages to drag the timeline further ahead to a point where Earth is nearly empty due to most of its population moving to off world colonies, or simply dying off due to inhospitable atmospheric conditions. Still, somewhere in the underground lurks a race slowly adapting to this new Earth and its harsh conditions, and Harris' creates a pulse for this new future to thrive on.

Stream: Xander Harris - Chrysalid

You can snag Chrysalid on cassette or digital download via the Pour Le Corps bandcamp.

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