March 28, 2012


Over the past two years I've had the extremely awesome pleasure of watching Gross Ghost grow and evolve as band. Songwriter Mike Dillon is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, a sentiment echoed by almost anyone else I know that also knows Dillon. Two weeks ago Gross Ghost finally released their debut full-length record with the folks at Grip Tapes, and I couldn't be more tickled with excitement. Listening to Brer Rabbit gives me more than just the satisfaction of hearing the brilliant songs it contains; I'm finally hearing finished recordings of tracks that I've been dancing my ass off to at the Soap Box and various dive bars across NC for over a year now. Their infectiously catchy brand of garage pop sticks with me more than it ever has while finally listening to them on record.

MP3: Gross Ghost - Architect
Head over to their bandcamp to stream Brer Rabbit in full and order the ltd. edition clear 12".

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