March 13, 2012

Bathetic Presents the Asheville Cassettes

Some time ago our pals at Bathetic Records moved to Asheville, NC to establish a new base of operations. Since then they've been scanning the Asheville underbelly for the cream of the crop in prismatic sounds. They just unleashed three new tapes from different Asheville artists, ranging in a stellar variety of soundscaping.

[video by Ross Brubeck]
Up first is the self-titled release from Difference Clouds. Delving into cosmic caverns and pulling out the most mellow tones your alien mind can dream up. Bathetic describes his music as seeing sound in full-spectrum color, an analogy I'm hard-pressed to top. This is deep mainframe meditation; relaxing in the ice fortress while beautiful memories dance around you.

MP3: Difference Clouds - Les Jardins D'Edena Pt 1 (excerpt)
Pick up a copy of Difference Clouds over here.

[video by The Moon Foetus]
Next up is Villages' The Spilling Past. This one is moody, but still dabbling in beautiful soundscapes. Called to mind is imagery of long forgotten quests for cursed wizard staffs and war armor blessed by the gods; though perhaps all I really see is fears and stress systematically purged from the mind of Villages.

MP3: Villages - Beach Pneumatic Transit (excerpt)
Snag The Spilling Past on cassette over here.

[video by Ross Brubeck]
Last, though certainly not least, in Bathetic's series of Asheville cassettes is Merryl's Slow Spell. Taking moody sound exploration to a much dreamier level, it's highly recommended from me to hit the bowl for this one. Merryl's heady, expansive soundscapes seem to actually induce a feeling of floating all on their own, however; these ethereal drones are just about perfect.

MP3: Merryl - Slow Spell Pt 2 (excerpt)
Snag a copy of the Slow Spell cassette over here.

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