March 6, 2012

Call on the Herd

I'm a long time fan of Foot Village, as well as Brian Miller's various side projects. For years he has worked on solo music under the name Back To The Future The Ride, creating spiritual drones for the mainframe. Now Miller has debuted his newest project True Neutral, seeking to combine the future sounds of BTTFtr with the more beat driven sounds of Foot Village. His first release under the True Neutral moniker is from the score of an audiobook, Broken Piano for President by Patrick Wensick, set to drop in about a month via Deathbomb Arc. The book focuses on the idea of "a noise band that gets caught up in a conspiracy involving fast food moguls, international space programs, and, of course, their music." The music Miller has created for the story draws to mind comparisons to Vangelis' score for Blade Runner, using sharply plucked strings to ring out the mood. It's the use of Miller's vocals in the track, however, that resonates with me. Vocals aren't typically included in scores, but Miller manages to do so in a way that would still sit beautifully behind our narrator's voice, though I admit I prefer it up front.

MP3: True Neutral - Call on the Herd
The Broken Piano for President score is available to pre-order now via Deathbomb Arc. You can also check out more about the book over here.

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