March 28, 2012


The folks at VLEK recently announced a digital release series, appropriately called "VLEKD". The first release is with the brilliant noise explorer formerly known as Dem Hunger; Wanda Group. The eight tracks on Cleaners combine murky, wet sounds with digital blips and whirs to merge various sci-fi elements into a truly dystopic world. I've described many artists as creating barren, alien worlds with their music; but Wanda Group creates worlds full to the brim with any and everything, content to dig and explore it all. Cleaners serves as more than just the first VLEKD release, as it also doubles as the announcement of a full-length vinyl release this Fall via VLEK.

Wanda Group -V SUNRISE
Wanda Group - T VISION
Head over to the VLEK bandcamp for your free download of Cleaners.

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