March 19, 2012

Gold Rope (Stones Flip)

Fronted by artist Felix Jackson Jr.'s original cover design, Jewelry, the latest free remix/beat-tape from LA producer Matthew McQueen, aka Matthewdavid, feels like a new set of dispatches from his the man's own endlessly fecund unconscious mind. Self-released on his Leaving Records imprint as he continues touring with Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras, and Diva, the contents are fractured, a series of "top of the mind" elements - funk, soul, and any number of more or less lightly fucked-with other samples - quickly shifting across a surprising range of juxtapositions, most of them unexpected and many of them only momentary. I don't think anyone planned for Jewelry to have the coherency of an album, perhaps why it was released for free in the midst of a busy touring schedule, but we'll be damned if between LPs McQueen isn't still one of the best purveyors of electronic novelties this side of the Atlantic. Isn't that more useful these days anyway?

MP3: Matthewdavid - Gold Rope (Stones Flip)
Download Jewelry for free here. While you're at it, two of McQueen's tourmates, Sun Araw and M. Geddes Gengras, recently released a collaborative LP called Icon Give Thank. Recorded in Jamaica with reggae dub band The Congos, it's being released by RVNG Intl., in their impeccable FRKWYS series. Check that one out here.

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