March 2, 2012

The Insider Sings "Emotionals"

Earlier today we mentioned that Featureless Ghost had a new EP on the way, so I thought I'd spend a minute with that Matt Weiner, one half of the Atlanta based duo, and his solo project Twins, whose 2011 digital EP The Insider Sings "Emotionals" is getting reissued as a limited edition cassette on Magic Rub Cassettes. It should be no surprise that the other half of the duo, sometimes known as Fantastic Lands, still makes her own appearance on the tape, helping round out its lead track, "A Bright One". Knowing Matt best for his work in Featureless Ghost makes it difficult not to relate this album back to the tape we did with them last year on Crash Symbols, particularly considering they originally came out around the same time, but his recordings as Twins are still more counterpoint than complement to his other projects. Surprisingly compelling vocals, left largely undistributed or distorted are a highlight, but the significantly less overarching conceptual underpinnings of the tape will also probably make it more accessible fare for the casual listener, though it would only have been problematic in lieu of how truly well Featureless Ghost has been able to synthesize their music and musings.

Stream the album in its entirety above or buy the cassette here.


  1. This is so great. Is this the same Twins that put out the "My Body" EP so long ago?