March 14, 2012

New Music-Finding App

Tomer Elmalem is a computer science student at Georgia Tech, with his personal goals centering out ways to make technology work better for people trying to find new music. Right now, Tomer is working to develop the basic architecture of a new music app and he needs the help of musicians to put it together. He explains...
It's fairly simple, the idea is that it's a Pandora style app for the artists on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. I'm hoping that this'll give people who are not familiar with either websites an easy way to discover and learn about new artists . . . [and] I'm trying to see if people would be interested in something like this. I created some simple forms for people to submit links and tags to their music so I can experiment with recommendation algorithms and another form for interested people to submit their emails.
And that's it. If you've got some time to help, click here or on the image up top.

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