March 30, 2012

One Hitter Wonders

Even discounting the obvious and admirable wordplay, Culture Dealer's done something really wonderful with this tape - the Baltimore-based imprint, run by Mike Collins of another well named thing, Run DMT, solicited poems and made a cassette mixtape of songs out of them. They also wisely asked for the cost of a preorder with the poem, so presumably the edition mostly circulated within the group of poets and writers that original submitted. It's not clear whether all the bands were invented for the project, with names like the Stalactite Singers Family Band, Altered Zones, and the Smokey Mountain Rangers (which yield no, misleading, or the obvious google results) at least many of them must have been. Hopefully we're hear more from them either way, but in any event, the video above explains it better, with some short song samples and voice modulations that we could never really deliver without at least some preparations beforehand. (via Impose Magazine)

Stream: The Stalactite Singers Family Band - The Lights

Order the limited edition cassette from Culture Dealer.

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