March 13, 2012

PBUH024: Ender Belongs to Me - Memory

The latest from our imprint Crash Symbols: Ender Belongs to Me is a reclusive experimental pop duo from the fertile slums of Brooklyn. What better place to be while they wonder after their own identities and significance? Both of the pair go by Peter Wiggin in interviews and although their creative endeavors have brought the two together for their garageband collaboration, their music is anxious and damaged, as much by their hidden personal lives as their tension over gestures toward a new digital culture. Under their assumed name, both cop to long struggles with substance abuse. Both spent time in rehab. The recordings that make up Memory are an artifact of those times. The five tracks were recorded at different times with different guest vocalists over the course of years, yielding up a fragmented opus, preserving in sound the emotions of those tumultuous years and the ultimate priority of their shared identity.

MP3: Ender Belongs to Me - All Working
Download the EP or buy the limited edition cassette here. You can also check out some more tunes from the band at their bandcamp.

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