March 27, 2012


The vocal style used in Professor Penguin's unique brand of electronic-tinged folk music is honestly one I don't usually prefer. It has to do with equal parts boredom combined with the desire to forget things of the past. This only makes enjoying Planes, their debut full-length set to drop April 9 via Gentoo Recordings, that much more rewarding for me; however. Soft hisses of static play lightly behind delicate keys and heartbreaking chords while slightly dizzying whirs and chirps dance through tracks sparingly. As the record progresses the music seems to build, growing bolder with each track, almost as if documenting some sort of recovery. When all is said and done, and the little play button pops back up to signal an end, the most appropriate thing I can say about the record is that it is simply beautiful.

MP3: Professor Penguin - Pirate
Pop on over to Prof. Penguin's webspace to grab the single's non-album b-side, "Paper"; and if it's just killing you to wait and order a your copy of Planes, Gentoo has the pre-order right here.

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