March 6, 2012

Planetarisk Dub

I recently started doing some part time work at a local bookstore and surely it must be the best in the world - about 50% of the employees avail themselves of the time to play almost exclusively older dub music and oddly enough, its vaguely off kilter reggae feel tends to be something the majority of people either enjoy or don't register. In other words, a fairly safe choice. Except for the occasional "I love weed/marijuana/cocacine" song that slips in (ie, Linval Thompson). So, the other night as's "King Tubby Radio" began to falter, accidentally twisting onto some kind of vocal heavy Latin music arc, I found myself investigating alternatives, trying to think of music that would at least seem to have a bland "world" flavor to people that didn't necessarily spend so much of their time listening to music, but wasn't actually vacuous or intolerable. Danish producer Joystick Jay, with his eclectic repertoire of classic funk and jazz mixes, seemed the perfect fit for the bill. Though dub is not his particular interest, after quietly playing through a few tracks on his soundcloud... I would never actually call it dub, but his one documented use of the word popped up; namely a nearly three year old track from his 2009 Planetarisk Dub EP, back when he was just "a newcomer with a richly mature sound". Despite its name, the EP's eponymous track is smooth house, more tightly orchestrated than the (entirely just and good) predilections of, say, Linval Thompson for example - so it's definitely not going to come up on's King Tubby radio anytime soon.
For now, there's plenty more of Joystick Jay's work up on his soundcloud, but apparently we've also got a 7" on Death Strobe Records to look forward to this year - fingers crossed the wait ain't too great. You can also grab the entire Planetarisk Dub EP, originally released by Australian label Architronica, for a few bucks on Juno.

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