March 29, 2012

Premier: Prevrat - Safe Distance

Prevrat (Czech for coup d'état) is Kansas City based artist and producer Ric Gordon, who I have it on good authority holds a doctorate in physics and keeps up a nice sideline as an abstract expressionist painter... I like to locate the beginning of Prevrat with Gordon's description of finding the name for his recordings:
Came up with this by searching other languages for cool sounding names, that had not already been taken on facebook, bandcamp, etc. Not the easiest thing nowadays.
For a guy whose music reminds me most of a nice band y'all might know of called "the Butthole Surfers" - of all things - it seems like a good way to come by a name. His older recordings under his given name (which you can check out on his old bandcamp) give the comparison the most resonance I think, though it's a good point of departure for describing his newer work. Prevrat is more cosmopolitan, with a darker pop sensibility and a slightly less glossy sheen of beats and percussions for backdrop.

MP3: Prevrat - Safe Distance
Download "Safe Distance" and grab it with an exclusive b-side over at Ric's own imprint bandcamp.

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