March 24, 2012

Premiere: USF - Radiant and Insubstantial (SPORTS Remix)

USF, short for "Universal Studios Florida" is Jason Baxter and Kyle Hargus, "two good ol' boys from the Pacific Northwest" that make experimental electronic music loaded down with cosmic synths, organic instrumention, and countless little flourishes that connect the texture of their music to the spirit of their home region. Their last album The Spray came out to much applause and envy on Circle Into Square last October; recently enough for the the other good ol' (Seattle) boys in SPORTS to take its #2 track "Radiant and Insubstantial" for a ride. If you know SPORTS ringleader Whitney Gould, aka Heart Island in his solo efforts, you know that he tends to own his remixes. Previously most of these have involved vocals (on one memorable occasion he even re-recorded vocals from another song to lay over an unrelated instrumental track) so to feel the imprint of his personality, with its refined prog sensibilities and kosmiche flirtations, on a purely instrumental track strikes an impressive note of restraint and truly does the original justice.

MP3: USF - Radiant and Insubstantial (SPORTS Remix)
Check out more SPORTS on their soundcloud. You can grab The Spray on more formats than you can shake a stick at over at Circle Into Square.

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