March 3, 2012

Rad Rit Sampler

These days it may be a bit passé to talk about encountering "bands I don't recognize", but still, Radical Ritual Tapes, aka "Rad Rit", gave me a pleasant sense of discovery when I opened their package from London to find a sampler populated by names I couldn't recognize to save my life... and honestly, the packaging says it all anyway. A little bit of skwee (just a touch, but enough that you notice) to make the pop really pop, tons of idiosyncratic beat making, and a cosmopolitanism range that I have to relate to that particular sense of "Europeanism" that only born-and-raised Americans can muster.

Buy the sampler on tape here or download it for free at their bandcamp (scroll down it for instructions). On second glance, I'm pretty sure I've heard of Young Athletes League...

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