March 25, 2012

Spectral Growth Reel

Semya, aka Alex Deranian, will probably seem quite a surprise celebrity if you know his credentials; also known as Ferrari Jackson, a name under which he released an EP called Lush, on Culture Dealer, a tape label he's heavily involved with. He's also part of the extended RUN DMT family and has been involved with WigFlip as well. Golden Days, his debut effort as Semya, brings him into the Leaving family, fulfilling some much delayed expectations for the partnership - last June Altered Zones first premiered "Spectral Growth Reel", forecasting the release of Golden Days for the next month or so. What caused the delay? Who knows, but in its light the first further glimpses of his Semya project are particularly interesting. As opposed to Lush and his elaborate songs as Ferrari Jackson, assembled by the meeting of Deranian's just slightly off kilter beats and a liberal use of heavily manipulated audio samples, Semya is more reserved and lives more in the glow of synths then samples.

MP3: Semya - Spectral Growth Reel
Buy Golden Days on limited edition cassette from Leaving Records.

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