March 24, 2012

Splash Wave - Passing Wave (Ben Butler & Mousepad Tape Remix)

Ben Butler & Mousepad is the recording moniker of musician and producer Jon Howe, a chiptuned and skwee influenced wizard of electronic novelties currently based in Glasgow, though his last EP Worm came out of a residency he accepted on the continent at Worm Studio in the Netherlands. A remix of his recently graced a small EP of similar tracks, taking as their common point of departure "Passing Wave", the title track from French electronic-pop duo band Splash Wave's recent 12" in Third Side Records' Le Podium Series. Splash Wave and Howe's sensibilities are similar inflected; video game tones and a menagerie of noises forming their respective backdrops, though Howe's remix reorients some of that attention on to the duo's vocals, constructing a minimalist score beneath a heavily effected version of the original's vocal track.

MP3: Splash Wave - Passing Wave (Ben Butler & Mousepad Tape Remix)
Download the entire Passing Wave: Remixes EP here and listen to Splash Wave's original version on their own bandcamp, where a 10" vinyl version of the original is available as well.

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