March 8, 2012

Super Mind

Frankfurt, Germany based imprint Sic Sic Tapes has to feature prominently in any discussion of cassette labels that began hitting their stride late last year, churning out a gorgeously designed and carefully curated series of tapes since the two year-old label was revived a few months ago. Included in that outpouring was Super Mind, a tape with Japanese experimental synth composer Hiroshi Mizuno, aka Buchikamashi, the proprietor of another fantastic international tape imprint called Ginjoha; if how I just described Mizuno's own work is appealing, you'll love his label. Super Mind, wrapped in a surreal instance of Angela Dalinger's illustrations (Sic Sic co-founder Daniel Voigt calls it "'naive art' that is unsettling and funny at the same time"), offers three tracks of droning synths and distortion that by their end seem to have paralleled the artwork. Synth tones leading into and out of the rounded, organic droning of a Tibetan prayer bell in the third track, to best exemplify the unity of digital and analog medias across the whole tape.

Grab a copy of the limited edition cassette here, and in case you thought Sic Sic seemed too cool for you, as I too suspected at first, I want to assure you they're just like us; they "love cats, tapes & leisure time". What more could we ask for in a German tape label?

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