March 17, 2012

Tenth Oar

Hanetration is a London based producer, otherwise anonymous on his web-appendages and in his short introduction to us, making self-described "music for headphones" - long-winded drone cycles, mostly somber and unadorned. Highly organic. Despite the more gregarious opening on his self-released debut Tenth Oar EP with the beautifully sped up vocal-samples, lilting flute, and delicate warps of "Rex", which approaches the carnivalesque before the orchestra gently unwinds; progress is much more introspective on the remaining three tracks. By its end, Tenth Oar becomes vaguely claustrophobic, the same warped tones and a crunching sound laying over a ringing drone, creating a balance that periodically sets itself off balance.
Get it from yon widget or at Hanetration's bandcamp.

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