March 2, 2012

Video: Colours - In The Summer

[video by Toto Vivian]
Colours is the solo project of Australian homie Tom Crandles. In late 2010 he dropped a self-titled EP of four hazy bedroom pop jams, and last year he did a few more for the folks over at Beko. I don't mean to imply pressure, but we're getting kinda antsy for a full-length over here, and this new song & video are only making us want it that much more. "In The Summer" is a dreamy shoegaze track that shares a generally mutual lust for summer, while also expressing desire for a lost lover. Perhaps the attachment stems from an age old tale of the summer fling? If this has you as ready for more Colours as it does me, fret not. I'm assured he's working on finishing up six more tracks in the next few weeks, and hopefully it won't be long before we hear those.

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