March 13, 2012

Video: Dancefloor Diplomacy - We Are Ready

[directed by Theo Anthony; cinematography by Gregory Wikstrom]
Dancefloor Diplomacy is a band that consists of 20 members "quoting" or sampling pieces of music from the last 150 years into their compositions. Each track is some twenty or so parts of the world's favorite pop tracks from across various genres, woven together in a way more beautiful than I had imagined. Theo Anthony, aka Proxy Dreams, has put together this stunning video for Dancefloor Diplomacy's most recent grinder, "We Are Ready". Clocking in at just over 9-minutes, this one requires a bit of your time, but I promise the visuals and audio make it all worth it. You can also pop over here to see a full list of tracks sampled in this one.

Dancefloor Diplomacy's debut single is coming soon.


  1. I agree. I couldn't stop listening, I couldn't stop watching. The background info is mind-boggling. They're onto something here. And first time out? Awesome!

  2. Woah. i've never seen anything like this before?

  3. Here you`ll find some quotes from one of the creators of the project, I enjoy the video and the music.