March 7, 2012

Video: Dreams - Bloodsport

[video by pxl]
6bit Collective is a relatively new label out of LA. Their first release was with a favorite of ours, Caves, last November. Now this month they bring us the second EP from Dreams as their second release. Flyte is full of soul bending grooves, almost certain to have your feet shuffling across the dance floor in no time. "Bloodsport" is one of the more glitched out tracks on here that will leave you reeling from its start & stop nature. The above clip from fellow 6bit member pxl plays on the frantic nature of the track, allowing various clips of stunning imagery to collide, timed perfectly to the beat.

MP3: Dreams - Bloodsport
Flyte dropped this past Monday (March 5) via 6bit Collective.

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