March 16, 2012

Video: Johanna Blakely on "Fashion's Free Culture"

Dr. Johanna Blakely is the Managing Director at the University of Southern California's Norman Lear Center, a well regarded research and education institute concerned with public policy and the entertainment industry - a huge purview whose range you can sample on the center's staff run blog. In 2010 part of Blakely's outreach campaign included a sixteen minute TED talk which came in part as the culmination of several years worth of personal attention to the "implications of fashion's unique creative ecology, where fashion designs are treated as shared resources that can be freely reused, recreated and recombined". Although the video was released in 2010, the ideas in it have never been more timely. As a larger and larger segment of the music underground takes the very same tenets as their own, the practical implications of the higher selling product and less traditionally "protected" design in the fashion industry should be of critical interest to others trying to figure out their role and goals in our contemporary music industry.

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