March 13, 2012

Video: Psychedelic Horseshit, Wet Hair & Featureless Ghost live @ The Gay House in Atlanta

Last Friday night, I went with a couple of friends to a party in Atlanta. It was at a bungalow called The Gay House. We were by far the oldest people there. One young lady even asked me if I was a narc. We showed up late and missed the opening act, but we were just in time for Featureless Ghost. They made a few freaky sounds while they warmed up:

After their set, I told Matt Weiner, the male half of the duo, that their music speaks to my soul because I used to do a lot of acid in the 1980s. The lights went out two minutes into this song, so I stopped filming:

Wet Hair was up next. They're the band I drove two hours to see, and they did not disappoint. Someone threw something at Shawn Reed and he confronted the assailant. I thought I had caught the incident on video but I guess I didn't. I did manage to record this new song:

It's too bad it was too dark to get a good shot of Ryan Garbes playing the drums. He hunkers down and bangs those skins like a crazy hermit crab. Psychedelic Horseshit closed out the show. They were far out. It was very dark and I was very buzzed, so I aimed my camera at the lights:

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