March 17, 2012

Welcome to Planet Dance

"Welcome to Planet Dance" comes from our favorite nerds in Oakland: James & Evander, the collaboration of Glenn Jackson and Adam Myatt, the founder of blog/imprint Mapzzz and a dashing cat nerd respectively, with the two subverting their nerd-powers on this track specifically for the purpose of cultivating the dance. Disco, to be specific. The b-side to their Let's Go 7" with our fellow Oakies at Gold Robot Records, it most confidently introduces the disco element that runs through the whole single, whereas other tracks emphasize the pop component of the admixture... "a melodious voyage through galactic disco and beyond" is right. The record is a final demonstration of the band's ability to translate myriad influences into compelling compounds, music that proudly wears its references and synthesizes them into a remarkably organic whole. They're ambitious and clearly they have the wherewithal to keep it up.

Purchase the 7" from Gold Robot. With remixes by Yalls, Some Ember, and Teen Daze backing up James & Evander's originals, it's uniquely worth the expenditure.

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