April 6, 2012

Abominable Flowmans

The start of each month this year has steadily held excitement for me thanks to Zachg and Rad Reef. The newest release is Abominable Flowmans, another of Zachg's collaboration EPs; this time with Huntsville rapper/producer Dizzy D. Both rap on each of the EP's four tracks, with Zachg helming production on tracks one and four while Dizzy D handle the beats on two and three. Both are spot on throughout with their production, and the two actually seem to have a natural chemistry on the verses. Dizzy's flows have a hard hustle about them while Zachg swings far south with an all over the place flow that matches perfectly to every beat on the tracks. The combination creates an EP for lovers of any southern rap genre.

Zachg x Dizzy D - Broward Huntsville Connect
Dizzy D x Zachg - Back2DaFuture
Head over to Rad Reef's bandcamp to grab Abominable Flowmans in full, for free.

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