April 2, 2012

Aborted Dream Exit

Electronic Meditation Program is Nicholas Fair of Corpus Christi, a prolific experimental musician with a penchant and flair for bonding his more electronic composing to a reportoire of more organic, acoustic noises. Release via his personal archival imprint Gnosis Antiquarius, a repository for dozens of Fair's defunct monikers and projects, Electronic Meditation Program encompasses more than a decade's worth of material, released over the course of that time on a variety of formats - he's even got a VHS for sale. "Aborted Dream Exit" comes from his EP Back, one of his more recent. Fair describes the project largely in process terms, related to assembly...
"[Electronic Meditation Program] is basically created using lots of old junk equipment. Several casios, a dx7, found cassettes and 1/4 tape loops, a little guitar occasionally, crapped out old organs, etc."
All of which only serves to give the texture of Back more serious underpinnings, emphasizing the nexus of Fair's experimentation at the intersection of those decrepit machines and his own frail emanations via guitar and the ol' pipes.

MP3: Electronic Meditation Program - Aborted Dream Exit
You can purchase a whole slew of Electronic Meditation Program releases here.

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