April 23, 2012

Atlantics Vol. 2

Last week forward thinking beats and bass label Astro Nautico unveiled Atlantics Vol. 2, ending a three year wait since unveiling the label in 2009, announcing it by promulgating a pocket mixtape with two tracks from each founding member (Obey City, Kuhn, and Paul Jones) and a brief "Surf Break" interlude. If the number of tracks on volume two is any indicator (which it isn't), Astro Nautico have made quite a good name for themselves (which they have); following the seven track series debut, volume two's bringing a solid 43. The variety is astonishing, though the label's manifesto is written across the entire mix, wending its way through junctions of greater or lesser funk, disco, R&B, and pop influence with its passage occasionally eased by collaborative bridges and benchmarks composed by the whole label team and attributed to "Astro Nautico". The label writes...
"The new Atlantics, like its 2009 predecessor, plays like an astral map of our musical tastes, passing from beats and bass-heavy dance tracks up to footwork heaters and down to chill ambient experimentalism . . . But what has changed since this projects beginning is the setting. The founders of Astro Nautico (Obey City, Paul Jones and Kuhn) now find themselves unexpectedly surrounded by a whole community of super-talented and uniquely lovely musicians from around the world."
There's a much better measure of success!

Zackey Force Funk - Nite Flite
Comanche - West 7th
Astro Nautico - Chester, Where's Your Freestyle? (Prod. By RDBN)
Download all of Atlantics Vol. 2 here and check out its predecessor here.

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