April 14, 2012


Jason Pevey, aka Psittacines (pronounced sit-uh-signs) recently released an EP "dedicated to summer weather, the sky, the sun, the grass, and the moon". The EP is appropriately titled Summer Sounds, and as soon as the first track begins, the listener is taken to a place with gentle frog croaks and the relaxing sound of lapping water. As the album progresses, the tracks grow less ambient and more poppy and upbeat -- by the time the fourth track, "AviCulture", comes around, the dance party has been fully fleshed out by an ultra-funky bass groove, trumpets, and slick vocal samples. "AviCulture" comes across as a sort of stylistic climax in the album, as the three tracks following it retain some irresistible groovy elements while continuously morphing back into chilled out, beat-driven bits of warm atmosphere.

MP3: Psittacines - AviCulture
Stream/download the full EP here!

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