April 25, 2012

Banana Wine

The well managed rise of Mo Kolours continued last month with the release of EP2: Banana Wine, a follow up to his debut EP1: Drum Talking, released on cassette by OMGVinyl's imprint Sweat Lodge Guru and independently on vinyl. Among many critical differences between the two releases, EP2 wasn't fortunate enough to make it onto cassette, but Mo and his managers are offering it as a free download as consolation and they even managed to get a Beautiful Swimmers remix to round the whole thing out - quite a package, we think. In any event, EP1 was an easy addition to our favorites last year and EP2 is destined for the same. Mo is half-Mauritian, from the formerly British island of Mauritius, where he soaked in the traditional Séga music of Mauritius and the other Mascarene Islands off the coast of Madagascar. Although I don't know the details of his transition to South London, where he lives the now, but whatever time he's spent in both milieus has created a forward thinking fusion of traditional Séga rhythms and instrumentation; EP1 emphasized percussion and felt more overtly "dub" oriented, while the addition of more regular vocals gives EP2 almost makes Mo's influences more ambiguous. That is to say, EP2 sounds more like Jamaican dub than its predecessor and his influences may seem obscure, but less topical patterns - like his sharp, rhythmic drumming on "Talking Move" or the rhythms that Beautiful Swimmers identify in "Mini Culcha" and use, alongside an ear catching vocal sample, to draw the two minute track out to three times its original length.

Mo Kolours - Talking Move
Mo Kolours - Mini Culcha (Beautiful Swimmers Remix)
Download both EP1 and EP2 from Mo's bandcamp and check out a video for the title track below.

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