April 19, 2012


Even as my wife and I were ending our time in Oakland, CA, plenty of our projects there are continuing and the close contact we've kept up with our East Bay homies keeps us constantly rereminded of just how much we left behind. More importantly, it gives us some indication of what we missed while we were on the ground and what a diverse community of musicians we had to leave behind. The Dollops Music Collective is one group of local artists we missed out on. Brought together by the same things that brought Decoder and Mapzzz together, a partnership that recently yielded Easy Bay Wednesdays - what we hope will be a new nexus for electronic musicians in the area - Dollops is a practical and creative union, a diverse instance of the "multimedia" style label, with musicians and visual artists working together in much the same way that we saw Yalls, Some Ember, Elephant & Castle, and James & Evander designing visuals for each other and collaborating on more than just one another's music. BOATS is our introduction to the group with his new EP Bleaving full of eccentric beats and funky synth workouts - wish we'd gotten to meet him.
Grab Bleaving from the Dollops bandcamp.

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