April 15, 2012

Broken Glass

I've heard Danish producer Tomas Barfod's upcoming LP Salton Sea and this guy's worth getting excited about, so we thought we'd anticipate the release by posting up his previous effort, Broken Glass, pressed up by the fine folks at Friends of Friends with two originals and remixes by Jacob Korn and label-mate Shlohmo. Normally holding down the drums with fellow Danes in dance-punk outfit WhoMadeWho, taking studio duty, and flying around in the sympathetic orbit of DFA, Barfod's first effort on his new solo moniker is a departure in that the overall tone of these songs is more downtempo and there are no easy technical analogues to connect to his drumming - the equation is further complicated on Salton Sea, but for Broken Glass the first factor in the equation is house.

Stream/Download: Tomas Barfod - Broken Glass

Buy Broken Glass on vinyl here.

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