April 18, 2012

Cassette Type Database and Source Depot

Project C-90 bills itself as the "ultimate audiotape guide" and they're probably not too far of the mark in making the claim. The Russian site seems to have a good grip on itself...
...we're not specialists in technology. That's why you'll never find technical information on our site. If You need to find technical specifications - there are more resources in internet.
The project's primary focus is documentation. The image above is just one screen-grab of the site's truly expansive and information rich catalogs, covering "compact cassettes", as well as the less common microcassette and minicassette format that had more specialized uses. Thanks to my wife's Adobe Creative Excellence and how beautifully well the Project C-90 image database is formatted, we were able to make the beauty below pretty easily. Whatever purposes you subvert this thing to, it's an incredible resource for the tape-curious out there. They've even got a news database, but you'll probably need to have some working familiarity with Russian.

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