April 21, 2012

Close Encounters with Green Magic

Nate Henricks and Patient Sounds, the cassette imprint of Fort Collins poet laureate Matthew Sage,  celebrated this year's 420 by accepting preorders for the former's label debut, Close Encounters with Green Magic. Suitably green-looking and containing two sprawling sound collages that Henricks' punctuates with structured moments of his otherwise dense and heady psych-pop, we presume it inspired people to new heights of revelry on the spring holiday. The association, however serious the conceptual link drawn by Henricks or Sage, feels appropriate; the name of Close Encounters with Green Magic suggests a document, perhaps describing Henricks himself, though if I were to take it literally I would assume the ultimate beneficiary was his music. I said "sound collage" and "psych pop" a second ago, which are  two qualities here born out in Sage's own comparisons to Elephant Six, but the magic of these recordings is their restraint; Henricks never languishes and the album's poppier moments, however infinitely brief the snippet of song in question might be, jump nimbly from one instance to the next or more grandly spin into the network of interconnecting segues that make his digressions so interesting. 
Order the limited edition cassette from Patient Sounds. Although Close Encounters with Green Magic is Henricks' label debut, he has four or five other self-released sets of recordings available on his bandcamp.

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