April 22, 2012

Da Da Damage

I would like to maintain a policy of only writing about and listening to music that I can hold in my hand. I can generally toe the line when it comes to streaming stuff online. Computer speakers make wretched sound, and 128 kbps ought to be a crime. But I can't resist when my favorite labels release compilations that I can download and dump into my iPod. My favorites are from Night People. They have a new one out called Da Da Damage. It has songs by Featureless Ghost, The Garment District, Bomber Jackets, LanternMiami Angels in America and many more. Any day now, Night People will have vinyl releases by three of the bands on the comp: an LP by Blanche Blanche Blanche called Wink With Both Eyes and a split by Scott and Charlene's Wedding and Peak Twins, both of whom are from Australia. Blanche Blanche Blanche are more on the freaky side of the Night People spectrum, with a Ritalin/quasi-primitive beat, poppy singing and waves of synth burbles washing over it. Scott and Charlene's Wedding and Peak Twins are guitar based with lazy, greasy-haired singing of the modern hits of Junkieland. I am going to buy both of them.

You can download Da Da Damage here - scroll down under the general information header and you'll see a little note with a mediafire link.

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