April 21, 2012

Dire Cast

Ed Jurken lives precisely one block away from where my wife and I did when we were in Oakland, CA; on 41st and Webster, just past Telegraph. I still remember the intersection distinctly, a weird turreted blue apartment building looking over a few houses. In one of them, where from the above picture we can presume he's getting some great light, toiled Ed Jurken, and "perhaps he still does", to put it most tritely. Literary flourishes notwithstanding, space is a critical part of Jurken's music - the recordings he directed us to, available for perusal here, were all recorded using "only one microphone, an old computer, my voice, one guitar and my apartment" and their sound determined by what parts of the space he used for recording. I can particularly relate to his using a "bathtub a lot", for various reasons, though the bit of back story really does give his vocal heavy, minimalist pop a sense of intimacy and experience that poorly written press releases frequently claim for their subjects and rarely deliver. Having attained the reality and perhaps knowing it, Ed did not and needn't have made one for our benefit. 

MP3: Ed Jurken - Dire Cast
Download this and other tracks from a self-titled, self-released LP on Ed's website here.

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