April 26, 2012

Dolphin Dance

Thank you with all of my heart, BMORE MUSIC (sincerely recommended Baltimore-centric RSS feed, maintained by the friends at Friends). They recently shared this track and listen, they described it as a "tutorial on flossin'', as succinct as you can get while maintaining supreme accuracy. Rick Rab may have entered your consciousness (as he did mine) last year with his well-designed and highly-listenable Thick Liquids tape, though I haven't encountered many rabid-fans™ so who knows: the uninitiated should be compelled to investigate the label Watercolor's disemvoweled domain (same people responsible for excellent tapes from Ken Seeno, Co La and Lil Jabba); they seem to still have copies of the debut as well as a free download. I asked Rick (civilian name: Nick Rivetti) what the deal was, and he said "Dolphin Dance" has "a life of its own" though you can expect a new LP (sans Dance) on HOSS Records later this year. He also tipped me off to his Breeeze project; this Soundcloud account is so pleasurable that I'm considering going broke launching a label to release it.

Stream: Rick Rab - Dolphin Dance

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