April 24, 2012

Dorsey's High // Jim Gilliam (pass the ball)

Dream Panther has kept busy lately with a cadre of new tracks, each with it's own girl-crazy artwork attached. The above art for dreamy haze caster "Dorsey's High // Jim Gilliam (pass the ball)" is what's on bandcamp now, but you can see some savory-in-a-different-way (less safe for work?) art over here. After you clean up press play on these beauties. Each track was written by Gusto Cat, but played and recorded by his humans, Greg and Nick. Gusto is hard at work on the new EP, possibly titled Beyonce's Child; a release that aside from his love of girls also exhibits a love for basketball. So go ahead, fire up a joint to this one and just relax. It's time for your mid-early day break.

MP3: Dream Panther - Dorsey's High // Jim Gilliam (pass the ball)
Stream: Dream Panther - Late Night Gymnopaedia

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