April 22, 2012

Doves and Vultures

Local hero and music legend J. Marinelli announced a new EP today, titled Young Spillers. Released by German label Stencil Trash Records, the album is three tracks long, and is available as a 7" (on red vinyl!) with hand spray-painted sleeves. Marinelli has been cranking out amazing lo-fi punk-folk jams for years, which is impressive enough by itself, but add to that the fact that he's literally a one-man band and you can see why he has a loyal following and his live shows always garner a large audience. The opening track on Young Spillers, "Doves and Vultures", makes full use of its short run-time (1:37) by being immediately catchy and ass-kicking; hard-hitting drums and Marinelli's vocals combined with great lyrics ("leave them all behind / don't throw your pearls at swine / it's not you") make me wish I'd been able to listen to J. Marinelli back in high school. The whole EP will definitely be on loop in our house for awhile.

MP3: J. Marinelli - Doves and Vultures
You can pay what you want for the digital version, or try your hand at snagging one of the 7"s (only 2 of 150 left), here. Be sure to also explore his back catalog, as they're all available for free.

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