April 30, 2012

Eccentric Breaks & Beats 2

Numero Group is a soul-centric reissues label founded in 2003, known for its devoted attention to detail and high pace of activity; they describe their centerpiece collections with devotion...
"Eccentric Soul, our flagship series, has documented lovingly mishandled soul labels from Columbus, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Phoenix, Atlanta, and Miami. Our Wayfaring Strangers compilations collect the privately issued song-fruits of wandering folkies. Each Cult Cargo release visits the sonic shores of some tiny, isolated nation, while Good God! titles seek the spiritual, as enshrined on reels of audio tape neglected until now. And with Local Customs we investigate isolated, mom-and-pop recording outfits, each operated by a homespun Alan Lomax who gave neighbors and friends studio time, a microphone, and a shot at being heard a generation later."
Last year, the label released Eccentric Breaks & Beats, a fan made "mega-mix of . . . favorite loops, breaks, and vocal snippets" pieced together into a coherent mixtape from Numero Group's immaculate back catalog and illicitly circulated on a small private pressing. Impressed, the label contacted the fans that made it and prepared a formal pressing, to some fair success. Apparently the first volume triggered a cascade of similar submissions from other young producers, splicing together their own set of favorites, but none had the same powerful narrative thread that bound the first together. "Eyeball-deep in royalties", they didn't immediately appreciate the second volume when it was submitted to them by Parallel Thought, who recently released a collaborative 12" with MC Del the Funky Homosapien - it has the most hideous cover I've seen all year (check it out here) and although I acknowledge I might be relatively sheltered, I felt obligated to mention it in case the awesome painting Numero got for Eccentric Breaks & Beats 2 wasn't enough to ease your conscious. In any event, they're giving volume two for free and it's awesome.
This bad boy is all one track, so just hit download and you're good to go, but click through here for some more reading from the label. When you're done with that, check out volume one here.

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