April 12, 2012

Family Perfume

The first volume of White Fence's Family Perfume came out last week, and the second will be released on May 15, along with a CD and cassette with both. A double LP will come out later in the year, no one is sure exactly when. It's a strange way of doing things, but in this case it works. They're both distinct volumes, but they're unified too. Vol. 1 has a bit of punk that comes in at the end of side one and explodes into psychedelic sounds. Vol 2 is more mellow. It's like collages, little bits of songs from across the ages cut up into colorful shapes and collected in a shoebox and shuffled and carefully rearranged, recomposed. We feel like we recognize every note, and all the textures and shapes, like we've heard them before, but we can't place our finger on it, and this pleases us. We read an interview with Presley somewhere where he answered a question about derivativeness, and we liked his answer because it was basically like, So what? We can't remember where we read this, and it didn't turn up in a quick search. What matters is that it's true there's nothing new, but it's always worth doing over and over again because it's never been done before. Tim Presley is one of the best artists on earth right now. This is the first big master stroke of the musical year. 

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  1. Great news you have done on family perfume to came out. Thank you.