April 6, 2012

Foam Mountains

Last Summer we dropped Abstract Cannon's Primary Consumer EP on Crash Symbols digitally. It was our introduction to the glitched out producer extraordinaire known as Abstract Cannon. Now, with the debut full-length mixtape Foam Mountains, we are being introduced to Abstract Cannon the rapper as well. His voice isn't one that sticks with me right away, but damn this kid can write! The early appearing line, "Time saved is time wasted, so I'm trying to escape on my hand-rolled spaceship," pretty much sums it up perfectly. This is Abstract Cannon, freeing his thoughts, attacking his demons, and showing love to his people and where he came from. Most importantly, though, it's a more introspective look at an artist we love watching grow.

Abstract Cannon - Greasers (produced by Abstract Cannon)
Abstract Cannon - Stay True (produced by L On The Beat)
Abstract Cannon - Sandcastles (ft. Bobby Earth; produced by Thelonious Martin)
Head over to bandcamp for a free download of Foam Mountains.

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