April 27, 2012

Genesis (The Recycle Culture Revelation)

I'm typically not to keen on posting remixes from artists I've never heard originals from, but Recycle Culture's remix for Grimes' track "Genesis" comes across more as a cover that they completely own by its end. Then there's that gorgeous track art above. What kind of evil soul would I be if I didn't post this!? The original's heart wrenching melodies remain in tact while Recycle Culture installs a high pulse dance drive to back the entire thing. As the song progresses it becomes more a tribute to the beauty of Grimes' track, taking on an emotional tone of its own that differs greatly but holds up equally to the original.

MP3: Grimes - Genesis (The Recycle Culture Revelation)
Recycle Culture doesn't seem to have much work in tow yet, but the recent mix for DIS Magazine and remix for Korallreven's "Sa Sa Samoa" have me eagerly awaiting more tunes.

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