April 14, 2012


Newbridge, Ireland-based musician ADULTROCK (real name: Gavin Elsted) just unveiled his debut album, Loves, out on Dublin label Long Lost Records. Nine tracks long (eight originals and a remix), the album is chock-full of freshly-baked experimental electronica; this ain't no stale chillwave, yo. All of the tracks manage to come across as a combination of both simple, catchy repetitiveness and intricate, intelligently woven beats; they wave and shimmer like various florae in the summer breeze. One of our favorite songs on the album so far, "Hermione" starts with a tinny unwinding of one of the track's main samples, before it moves into full-blown dancefloor charm. If you don't nod your head to this track, I suggest you get your groove thing looked at.

MP3: ADULTROCK - Hermione
You can pay whatchu want for the digital version of the album right here, and on April 21st Long Lost Records will be releasing it on cassette.

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